Terms & Conditions


If there are any minor adjustments such as number of envelopes addressed or place cards, your final payment will be adjusted. The difference resulting in any increase balance owed will be reflected in the amount of your final payment due.

Once a final quantity has been contracted and supplies have been ordered, that number is not subject to decrease. If the number drops, please contact us immediately. If supplies have already been ordered, you may be able to apply the dollar difference to additional pieces or to a future payment, depending on the nature of the project. If the nature of the project does not allow for this, you may forfeit the remaining difference.

Calligraphy & Materials

The nature of hand addressed envelopes, place cards, table seating chart, etc. will vary from that of printed material. Each place card, envelopes, invite etc. will vary depending on the letters and length of names, and visually appear different from one another when compared. Please have this expectation when ordering hand calligraphy. Each project is a single work of art, and must be appreciated as such.

Materials that are not uniformly machine made like handmade paper will vary from piece to piece, including color, texture, deckles and appearance from the manufacturer’s production and discretion.  If you’re ordering agates, variations from agates include colors, length, patterns, natural occurrences like holes, crystallization, and cut will vary from piece to piece.

If you are supplying the envelopes for envelope calligraphy, I request an extra 10-15% envelopes to account for spelling, ink spatters etc.

Due to different computer monitors/calibrations, colors may vary slightly from the photo, printed material and other products.


Calligraphy & The Post

The post office reads envelopes electronically. Due to the nature of calligraphy, some addresses or calligraphy styles will be more or less difficult to read when put through the postal system, as is the nature with any hand-written address. Any address that cannot be read by machine will likely be hand inspected. If the address still cannot be delivered, it will be returned to the address of the return. DWD (Debbie Wong Design) is not responsible for resending, reprinting or reimbursing for invitations or addresses that do not make it to their intended address. As with any mass mailing, you are likely to have 1-3% of your pieces be undeliverable. Please check your address list carefully to ensure all your addresses are correct to minimize this effect. You may wish to order an additional 3% of your pieces to ensure additional pieces are available if needed for remaining.


Semi-Custom Design

The listing includes up to two sets of revision changes for wording, content and calligraphy with the digital proofs. Once the contract is accepted and a deposit is received, I will send a questionnaire regarding wording, color etc. A digital proof will be provided in 7-10 business days after all the information is gathered. For further revision changes and proofs, there is an additional fee of $50 each time. Once the proof is approved, the items are sent to the printer.

If any time, the job changes to an extent that substantially alters the specifications as described in the original estimate, a proposal revision memo will be submitted to you and a revised fee will be will be agreed upon by both the Client and DWD before moving forward with the object. New design changes may push the timeline further out.


Client has spent a satisfactory amount of time reviewing DWD’s work and has a reasonable expectation that DWD will perform the services in a similar manner and style unless otherwise specified in this Agreement. Client understands and agrees that:

  • Every client and wedding is different, with different tastes, budgets, and needs

  • Services are often a subjective art and DWD has a unique vision, with an ever-evolving style and technique

  • DWD will use its artistic judgment when providing services for Client, which may not include strict adherence to Client’s suggestions

  • Although DWD will use reasonable efforts to incorporate Client’s suggestions and desires when providing Client with the Services, DWD shall have final say regarding the aesthetic judgment and artistic quality of the Services

  • Dissatisfaction with DWD’s aesthetic judgment or artistic ability are not valid reasons for termination of this Agreement or request of any monies returned



Upon your approval of the proofs, the file will go to print.  The Client is responsible to ensure spelling and information is accurate. Please note that there may be some color variation when your suite is printed due to monitor calibrations on different computers.  Should you require a re-print from errors, there will be an additional cost. 


Names List

The names will be written exactly as they appear on your list. I will not make etiquette or spelling corrections.

Once the project has been picked up or sent out, there is a 72 hours window for Client to carefully check the products. If there is an error, please contact DWD immediately to determine the problem and solution.


Social Media

DWD occasionally posts images on their website and social media to showcase the latest work. Sensitive information, like addresses on envelopes, is carefully stylized to minimize visibility.


Ownership of Work

All original designs, art, and imagery on this website or purchased products and services remain the property of DWD. You may not reproduce the design, art, and imagery without the written permission of the Owner.