Photo credit Svetlana Yanova

Photo credit Svetlana Yanova

Art has always been in my life in different shapes and forms. One of my favorite childhood memories was spending time in the backyard with a stack of paper and pencil crayons. Fast forward to adulthood, it become a different kind of art through a digital medium. I became a professional wedding photographer for the last eight years under the name Debbie Wong Photography. Traditional art didn’t emerge into my life until the last five years. I picked up watercolor and painted custom nursery illustrations for my daughters' rooms, and I fell in love how pretty watercolor is.

I discovered calligraphy two years ago and wish I discovered this sooner! I offer both traditional and modern calligraphy styles.  I've had the privilege of learning from renowned calligraphers including UK Crown Office Scribe Paul Antonio, Master Penwoman Harvest Crittenden, Heather Held, YoungHae Chung, F Phyllis Macaluso and Kathy Milici. I'm eternally grateful to study under their tutelage.

So why am I offering watercolor and calligraphy? If I could go back in time, I would love to create my own unique wedding stationery, incorporate the wedding theme, colors with calligraphy. Since the time machine still hasn't been invented, I want to help couples design their meaningful bespoke invitations and incorporate calligraphy to create an heirloom. In a fast paced digital world where we constantly type on computers and phones, we've lost the aspect of creating something organically. My clients have told me their guests were blown away and felt special because they received the wedding invitations in an envelope with beautiful hand addressed calligraphy. Being on-site doing calligraphy for high fashion and beauty clients such as Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and beautyBOUTIQUE was amazing and I do feel the customers' joy when I hand them that custom thank you card, ornament and note for their loved ones.

Working with the wedding industry has opened up such wonderful opportunities and one thing lead to another, including publications with print in Dote Weddings, Wedding Sparrow, The Perfect Palette, Rocky Mountain Bride (March and May), Google, Inspired by This, Confetti and many others.

Please send me a note so I can help with creating a wedding invitation suite and day-of-wedding details!