heirloom wedding stationery suite

This heirloom suite was so much fun to create as there were lots of personal touches incorporated throughout it. Alice and Nicholas got married on their family ranch in October and it was an informal wedding brunch with plenty of bright cheerful colors.  We decided early on that a family crest is a must in their suite. The wedding crest not only has snapdragons (one of the main flowers in their wedding), but plenty of other florals at the top. The left side is a nod to the chinquapin oak tree that is found throughout their family party.  They also planted white and green hydrangea in blue and white china vases to be displayed at the wedding. At the bottom of the crest was the location where Alice and Nicholas said their vows in front of their friends and family.

Spencerian calligraphy, a true traditional calligraphy script, was chosen for its minimalism look to let the watercolor illustrations take center stage. To coordinate with all the flower illustrations, I purposely picked stamps that featured stilll-life paintings of floral bouquets, including hydrangea and peonies painted in a fine-art style by the Dutch and Flemish artists of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The menu was another fun item to paint just looking at their wedding food. I did an Instagram poll and asked the audience which food item was their favorite.  I thought for sure the wedding cake or fried chicken drumstick would be the winner, but surprisingly the little shrimp won by a landslide.

Thank you Alice and Nicholas for entrusting me to create these keepsake pieces for you and your guests!

Watercolor wedding stationery 1.JPG
Watercolor wedding stationery 2.JPG
Watercolor wedding stationery 3.JPG
Watercolor wedding stationery 4.JPG
Watercolor wedding stationery 5.JPG
Watercolor wedding stationery 6.JPG
Watercolor wedding stationery 7.JPG

And one more final look at the suite, this time on a French Blue background! The dark background sure gives a different vibe compared to the lighter background.