calgary wedding calligrapher charbar

Amanda and Matthew’s color palette was navy, blush, sage and gold with their wedding set at the Char Bar in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on an early fall day.  The ceremony was held at Char Bar’s rooftop and the reception was one floor below. With Char Bar’s interior of fairy lights, wood and the textured bricks, they envisioned a modern wedding but still have an organic and nature feel as the venue is set by the riverside and in the heart of a large park.

As a wedding photographer, this wedding holds a special place in my heart because of how involved I was from the beginning. Amanda and Matt were enthusiastic to have a bespoke suite created for them with calligraphy and watercolor that included an invitation, reply card and a map on bamboo paper. We worked together to pull elements to create a cohesive look and inject their personalities in it. This would set the tone of the wedding, from the moment their guests opened the invitation to seeing it at the reception. We identified those elements to be the fairy lights, the color palette, succulents (which would play a role in the décor), and their cute little hedgehog Wonton. Each invitation and reply cards’ fairy lights was hand painted with gold paint so it would shimmer in the light. Keepsake vow books were also created for them as they said their personal vows in front of the families and friends on the rooftop. Each book was sketched in navy blue ink, hand stitched and tied with a blush silk ribbon for Amanda, and a beige brown silk ribbon for Matt.

Check out all the amazing details for their wedding! I still get a thrill knowing everything created is a wedding heirloom for them.

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Photographer: Debbie Wong Photography